PMI PC-4200 Turbo Memory

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As always we must overclock and push new technology to the edge and find the breaking points. Lately Legit Reviews has been going for stability and quality of our overclocks rather than showing a single benchmark and showing off unstable results. To get things stable at these speeds extra cooling on the northbridge to help keep the chipset cool while overclocking our system. The above image shows our test system on the bench. When it came to overclocking the PMI PC-4200 (DDR533) memory we found the max overclock to be 553MHz DDR with the most relaxed timings possible; 3-4-4-8, 1T.

It was stable at these speeds, but any higher speed the system wouldn’t get into windows.

It should also be noted that on the ASUS P4P800S-E motherboard the memory voltage only goes up to 2.85Vdimm, so it’s possible that these modules have more headroom if more voltage is available.

Below is a screen shots of our timings and frequency settings for the memory at default and at our highest stable overclock.


Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

Although PMI is new to us as consumers here in North America they have been around for almost 15 years and in the DRAM trade being that old is a sign of doing things right. After looking at their highend performance line it’s clear to see why the have been successful in the memory industry and make modules for other companies.

The PMI 4200 Turbo memory kit is nothing new or revolutionary in terms of memory design or innovation, but we found it to be very well built since it used the best enthusiast parts currently on the market. By this, I mean the use of Hynix Revision “C” D5 IC’s, reference PCB design, and the use of heat spreaders. The modules we looked at were rated to operate at 533MHz, but we had no issues getting them to run stable at 550MHz with 2.85 vDimm thanks to the IC selection. Enthusiasts should be happy to know that PMI performs equally with the competition. By this I mean it performs equally in terms of performance with Corsair, Kingston, OCZ and the other common enthusiast brands.

As I mentioned at the bengining of this review these modules are very competively priced when looking at the other big named enthusiast companies. Actually, the PMI 4200 1GB kit is priced between US $60 to $120 lower than similar kits of Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ brand modules that it performs equally to. Since PMI is so new to this region not too many companies offer it for sale, but we did find that on our dealtime shopping network that Newegg had the kit we have reviewed today in stock and for sale.

With all that said and done we would like to congratulate PMI for a job well done on their first enthusiast line under their own name! The part selection was well made and the modules performed at the same level as the popular Kingston HyperX and Corsair XMS.

Legit Bottom Line:

Power Memory International (PMI) has entered the North American enthusiast market with a great product that is right on the mark with all the big name memory companies and it just so happens that it also has a good price point!

If this memory does not suit your needs check to see if PMI has any that do!

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