PC Update Drops for Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII fans who play on the PC have a new update that is ready to go for the game. The update fixes a bunch of issues that many have been annoyed by. One of the fixes is the annoying bug that reset the FOV to 65 every time you start the game reports GameSpot.

The update does alter the performance of some weapons in the game with buffs and nerfs to keep the playing field even. A flaw that was messing up the laughing emote animation is now fixed as well. Another important fix is the repair of an issue that locked the FPS to 60 fps when using HDR on a 60Hz monitor in windowed mode.

A hitching issue was fixed when using a 144Hz monitor in windowed mode when playing Call of Duty WWII. There have been general UI improvements and issues addressed when the party leader disbands the party. Glare issues with various weapon kits have been addressed along with an After Action Report that didn’t appear after Gridiron and Capture the Flag matches.

An issue with the sniper rifle was also fixed where it would zoom to the exact center when looking down the sights. Zombies also saw some updates on the Tesla gun and Klaus pathing was fixed along with a crash issue with host migration when in public zombies matches. Lots of other fixes and adjustments were made to the game with this patch.