Payday 2 is Free for a While on Steam

If you’re a PC gamer with a Steam account and you don’t yet have Payday 2 in your game library, you have a fantastic opportunity for a limited time. The developer of the game, Overkill, is currently giving away free, unlimited play copies of Payday 2 via Steam. I downloaded my own copy of the game early this morning and it was still available.

According to Gamespot, the game will only be offered at no cost for the first 5 million copies. Admittedly that is a lot of free copies, but they will run out at some point so hurry over. This is a permanent free copy of the game.

What’s the catch you are wondering? Well, you won’t be able to download and play any of the DLC for the game. To get that DLC you will have to pony up for the Ultimate Edition of Payday 2 that will launch. That version of the game will be packaged with the full game and all the DLC released for it.

Another really cool tidbit about the free game, is that the free full copy also allows the players to get a free copy of Payday VR when it launches. If you are a fan of the game, you might be interested to know that the developers of the title now work at 10 Chambers Collective and Gamespot says they are working on a four player hardcore co-op action horror FPS title.