Overwatch Teases Doomfist with Breakout News

It sounds like Overwatch has a new character coming soon and his name is Doomfist. The Overwatch official page has posted up a story that comes from the Times of Numbani, a fictional publication from the game world of Overwatch. In the story Doomfist is given a real name- Akande Ogundimu.

The story goes on to talk about a breakout in the early hours of the morning when an unidentified aircraft approached the Helix Security International maximum security installation. The aircraft entered the complex unfettered and a “shadowy figure” emerged, defeated the installation defense systems and freed Doomfist.

That shadowy figure was Reaper and is said to have left behind over a dozen dead bodies afflicted with cellular degeneration. The story says that the presence of Reaper indicates a Talon attack. The lore goes on to claim that officials at the facility refuse to admit if there was other escapes or items take in the attack.

Ogundimu then headed to Numbani where he destroyed the new OR15 defense robots protecting the Adawe International Terminal while getting back the Doomfist weapon. That is all the detail given about the new character in the teaser lore. There is no indication of when the character might turn up in the game. The last new character added to Overwatch we talked about was Orisa back in March.