Overwatch Moira Character Available for All

We’ve talked a bit about the new Overwatch hero that you can play called Moira. That character has a strange run and lots of anime touches. If you have been wondering when you could try the new character, Moira is now available for players on PC and console.

The latest update available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC is available now to download. Moira has been a very fast rollout reports Polygon. The character was announced at BlizzCon a couple weeks back. Blizzard had the character in the public test region for PC gamers since November 6.

Now the character is live for all to play. She becomes the 26th hero for gamers to play in Overwatch and the sixth support class character. This class can dish out damage to foes while healing teammates.

Moira is a spellcaster that throws bouncing orbs and fires beams from her hands to heal or damage. Also, worth noting is that this weekend is a free weekend on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for Overwatch letting you get in on the fun for free.