Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor

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Power Consumption and Temperatures

When it comes to power consumption overclocking is defiantly not going to save you money on your monthly bill.  We had to increase the voltage on the processor and raise the voltage on the memory modules to reach a stable 44% overclock with our E6300 and D975XBX combination.

Power Consumption Graph

At idle our overclocked system consumes 43W more and when it’s run at 100% CPU load on both cores the overclocked processor consumes 66W more than it originally did. Let’s see what the temperatures are doing at idle and load.

Idle and Load Temperature Graph

With the processor overclocked we saw a big increase in temperatures as we observed a 10 degree difference at idle alone.  With load temperatures hitting 57C even with our use of water cooling we highly suggest water cooling if attempting overclocks as large as this. No big shocker here!   If you want to save energy and lower temperatures overclocking your processor 800+MHz is not the way to do it, but the performance you get from overclocking is nothing short of amazing.

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