Overclocking The AMD 4200+ AM2 Processor Part 2

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Far Cry

Farcry Benchmark

Ubisoft; Far Cry v1.33

Far Cry is another super popular FPS title that seriously taxes your systems graphics. Far Cry offers real-time editing, bump-mapping, static lights, network system, integrated physics system, shaders, shadows and a dynamic music system are just some of the state of-the-art features that the CryENGINE? offers. We used the HardwareOC Far Cry Benchmark v1.4.2 to benchmark the game and ran the demo three times and averaged the score to get the results for the chart below.

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At 1280×1024 in Far Cry the results nearly repeated themselves. With the CPU clocked to factory settings we scored 72.23 FPS versus the 101.9 FPS when overclocking under water.  Far Cry performance increased nearly 40% thanks to the overclocking done on the system.  Is anyone else seeing the same results over and over?  Let’s wrap this part up and move on!

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