Our Test Shows Firefox 7 Aurora Uses Nearly 40 Percent Less Memory

They said on the Firefox blog post that an average user would see 30% less memory usage. Well, I opened all 117 of my bookmarks located in one bookmark folder using the ‘Open All in Tabs’ feature to see what would happen between Firefox 5.0 and Firefox 7.0a2 and the results were amazing.

Firefox 7 Memory Use

The difference between using Firefox 5.0 and 7.0 was very noticeable when it comes to memory usage as you can see from the task manager results above after all the pages finished loading.

  • Firefox 5.0 used 1,286,916K of memory
  • Firefox 7.0 used 776,392K of memory

We saw a reduction of 510,524K, which is 39.7% less system memory usage. By making the move to Firefox 7.0 Aurora we were able to use half a gig less DRAM!!
You guys should try this one out!

Optimized Memory Use:

  • Improved memory management: For many users, memory use is reduced by 30 percent or more, responsiveness is enhanced
  • The JavaScript garbage collector runs frequently to free up more memory when Firefox is idle

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