Opera slashes power usage with new server parks

With the transition to a new generation of servers, Opera Software expects to increase performance by one third, while slashing power consumption by more than 35 percent. Following the unveiling of a new Icelandic data center, with far less energy waste and more environmentally-friendly power, Opera now reduces power usage even further. By exchanging the current data server parks providing the Opera Mini and Opera Turbo services for more than 120 million active Opera users worldwide, Opera seeks to reduce environmental strains and ease management of the server parks.

Opera server parks

With six server parks located all over the world, management of machines and software can now be centralized for easier access to maintenance. Opera has chosen Dell to deliver the hardware solutions for every data center it operates. In addition to the newly opened Icelandic data center, Opera runs data centers in Norway, Poland, Korea, China and the United States. By standardizing on one hardware supplier for server hardware, Opera expects to save on human resources and utility expenses.


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