Ookla Announces Fastest Broadband and Wireless Broadband Services

When people all around the country want to know how fast their internet connection is, they go to Ookla. That speed test checks your connection and tells you just how fast you can download and upload files. Ookla has issued a report that outlines the fastest wireless broadband and broadband companies in the country.

The fastest broadband ISP for home and business users is listed at Comcast Xfinity beating out Verizon FiOS to win the top spot reports PC World. The rest of the list of top broadband providers in order includes FiOS, Cox, Spectrum, AT&T Internet, Frontier, and Centurylink. For the report Ookla doesn’t give flat download speeds, it generates its own “speed score” to rank providers that takes into account latency and variance from region to region.

Ookla says that the average download speed in the US is 64Mbps and the average upload is 22.8Mbps. On the wireless broadband front the average download speed was much slower at 22.69Mbps. T-Mobile sat at the top of that heap beating, in order, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

What a turn around T-Mobile has made in the last few years. T-Mobile had a speed score of 23.17 compared to Verizon’s second place score of 21.13. Ookla also notes that the biggest factor in contributing to faster speeds for broadband providers was the move to DOCSIS 3.1 modems.