OCZ PC2 9200 2GB Reaper HPC Edition Memory Review

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A Closer Look

As you look at the modules, it is obvious that this is not your normal look of DDR2 modules.  They are very unique looking!  The heat spreader is made out of aluminum, and has a copper heatpipe coming out of the top which connects to another aluminum heatsink that “hovers” above the dimm.  Pretty neat design, and it actually looks pretty cool to me (very subjective, I know!)

As you can see from the label, this is a 2GB dual channel kit that is spec’d at PC2 9200 (1150ddr) at timings of 5-5-5-18.

The packaging is pretty nice looking, and gives you a nice view of the ram and it “special” heatsink design.

OCZ Reaper Memory Modules

The back of the package is also designed to promote the benefits of the design that OCZ has used on the Reaper edition.  Notice that this kit carries with it a lifetime warranty.  OCZ hasss always ha good customer support and usually goes beyond the call of duty to service its customers.

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