OCZ PC2 9200 2GB Reaper HPC Edition Memory Review

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The Reaper Arrives

OCZ has a reputation of being innovative in the design of their products.  I would say they especially carry that reputation in the area of DDR memory, where they have pushed industry in not only innovation, but design and performance.  Their new series of DDR2 memory is certainly a product that continues this reputation, which you can tell just by looking at the product… well, let’s just take a look at it so you know what I mean…

Key Features:

  • Memory amount: 2 x 1024MB
  • 1150MHz (PC2-9200) Unbuffered non-ECC DDR2 Modules
  • Reaper HPC Heatsink
  • CAS latency: 5 clock cycles
  • RAS precharge: 5 cycles
  • RAS active to precharge: 18 cycles
  • 240 Pin DIMM
  • Latency: 5-5-5-18 2T 
  • Power Required:2.3 Volts
  • 2.35V EVP
  • EPP ready
  • OCZ Lifetime Warranty

OCZ’s web page describes their product with the following verbage

“The Reaper HPC is an innovative cooling solution developed by OCZ to effectively minimize heat produced by high-speed memory. As heat rises into the thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit, it is dissipated through the strategically-placed compact aluminum fin array. By guiding performance-robbing heat away from key memory components, the unique Reaper HPC design helps facilitate improved overclocking performance, while improving longevity and stability of the modules.”

So, we have a new design to help keep things cool with the addition of the HPC heatpipe design.  Let’s take a closer look at the modules and see if the performance  lives up to the OCZ reputation.

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