OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered Memory

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AIDA32 Version 3.85:

AIDA32 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program for Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It also tests the actual read and write speeds of your memory giving a fairly accurate look of true memory performance.

Results: At CL2.5 all modules should theoretically be the same in terms of performance, but as you can tell the results show some differences! At CL 2.5 timings Legacy again leads the bunch and even with OCZ at CL 2 the Legacy modules have more read bandwidth at CL 2.5! The tables are more even during Write testing and OCZ takes the top spot again with it’s agressive timings.

Epic Games; Unreal Tournament 2003:

Using the full installation of Unreal Tournament 2003 along with the newest patch gives us a very nice real world benchmark! We also used [H]ardOCP’s UT2003 Benchmarking utility version 2.1. A resolution of 1024×768 was tested in Direct3D on the built-in CPU test to see if any differences could be observed.

Of course we also used the built-in benchmark utility also!

Results: By using the built-in benchmark utility that comes with the full retail game we can clearly see why gamers want tighter timings on their memory modules! The OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel modules pull ahead with a 2 frame per second difference at tight timings.


OCZ has delivered a quick and well designed module to the table with their PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel kit. By having the ability to run tight timings it was able to pass up the other PC-3200 ECC modules it was benchmarked against in all the tests but one. Enthusiasts who play graphic intensive games should be able to see the clear choice in modules as running tight timings will result in a FPS increase.

The OCZ modules are built using the TSOP form factor and use Winbond CH-5 IC’s, which we have found to be the best combination in terms of performance for the enthusiast. The OCZ modules proved to be the fastest PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel modules that we have to date! It should also be noted that other companies offer Registered 3200 memory modules without ECC. By not having ECC we noticed good performance and lower price points. (A review of non-ECC registered memory can be found here.

Legit Bottom Line: OCZ’s ECC Registered 3200 memory modules have proven themselves to be fastest ECC Registered memory modules we have seen thus far.

If this line of memory does not suit your needs check to see if OCZ has any memory for your individual needs!

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