OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 Dual Channel Gold Rev. 2 Memory

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Overclocking & CAS Latency Testing:

As always we must overclock and push new technology to the edge and find the breaking points. Lately Legit Reviews has been going for stability and quality of our overclocks rather than showing a single benchmark and showing off unstable results. When it came to overclocking the OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 memory we found the max overclock to be 510MHz DDR with the most relaxed timings possible; 3-4-4-8, 1T. It should also be noted that on the ASUS P4P800S-E motherboard the memory voltage only goes up to 2.85Vdimm, so it’s possible that these modules have more headroom if more voltage is available.

Other than finding the fastest at which these modules could clock we also tried to find the tightest timings we could run the modules at. When running our modules at 2.85 Volts we found the following results to be the tightest timings these modules could run at the speeds respectively.

  • DDR400: 2-3-2-5, 1T
  • DDR433: 2-3-2-5, 1T
  • DDR466: 2.5-3-3-7, 1T
  • DDR500: 2.5-3-3-7, 1T
  • DDR510: 3-4-4-8, 1T

These are very nice timings with a wide variety frequencies that we have not seen on any other modules to date! Below are various screen shots of our timings and frequency settings.

benchmarks benchmarks benchmarks

Various Speed Testing:


It should be noted that the XMS 4000 was run with a RAS to CAS of 4 and not 3 in the above chart. It’s fairly obvious that OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 memory can hold its own from DDR400 all the way to DDR500 speeds! There has never been another module that we have used has that has the ability to scale as well and with such tight timings as OCZ’s EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 memory!


Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

OCZ went with ProMOS IC’s on their OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 modules, which is not a common IC choice in the enthusiast community. We found that the ProMOS/OCZ combo performs very well from DDR400 to DDR500 speeds. OCZ is also able to keep the price a little bit lower than other companies with similar products since many companies went with Hynix IC’s and they have to pay the high tariffs that has been placed on those to be imported.

Many gamers and enthusiasts want memory to run tight timings for gaming and the best performance possible, but want a module that can clock high when needed. The OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 memory modules are perfect for what I consider the weekend enthusiast. The weekend enthusiast is the user that wants to run 100% stable and with the tightest timings possible during the week, but on the weekend loosen the timings up and run the system as fast as it can go to impress friends or just to have fun.

When it comes down to price versus performance for extreme performance memory OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Rev. 2 is fairly priced. It can be found for less than PC-4000 that it performs on par with and about the same price as PC-3500 and PC-3700 kits on the market. Due to the performance that these modules show and the middle ground price point it’s hard not to fall in love with these modules.

Legit Bottom Line:

OCZ EL PC-3700 Gold Revision 2 memory was found to be stable, at a good price point, and turned out to be one of the most well-rounded memory modules in terms of latency versus clock speed that we have ever seen

If this memory does not suit your needs check to see if OCZ has any that do!

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