OCZ Drops SSD Prices In Response To Intel’s X25-M G2 SSDs

In a move that will make consumers happy, OCZ has announced that they plan on slashing prices on many of their SSDs that use Indilinx controllers. That means that the OCZ Vertex, Agility and Colossus solid-state drives will be seeing some rather nice price reductions here in the near future. Anand Lal Shimpi broke the news today and said that the OCZ Vertex 128GB SSD will soon be down to around $290, which is a big move as it is currently $385 shipped before a $30 rebate at Newegg.

OCZ Agility SSD

“It has always been our intention to make SSDs more affordable for consumers and we have achieved some greater economies of scale now that we can reduce some prices without making any changes to the product and performance. It isn’t all about pricing however, while our goal is to put SSD technology into the reach of everyday consumers we are also accelerating development of cutting edge solutions and have a slew of new products coming down the pipe, and while these may not be as aggressively priced they will still represent an excellent total cost of ownership for our customers.” Commented Alex Mei, CMO of the OCZ technology Group, in regards to the pricing direction.


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