OCZ 512MB Rally Flash Drive Review

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OCZ Rally Flash Drive

Justin’s Thoughts

OCZ’s Rally Flash Drives offer some of the fastest read transfer rates on the market. While the write transfer rates were still great, we had a little trouble reaching the rated max write transfer rate of 15 MB/s with a 64 MB file. I would expect that with a larger file size, we will see closer to the rated max write transfer rate.

OCZ’s Rally drives do offer exceptional durability. Legit Reviews has been been using the OCZ Rally Drive on our keychain for the last 6 months and has not noticed any structural problems. It’s been under water while wave running (don’t ask) and has been around the country a number of times with no issues. Even after we finally lost the cap to the drive, we have not had any damage to any part of the drive. Below is a picture of what an OCZ Rally USB key will look like after 6 months of wear and tear. Notice that while the paint is faded the drive has not been dented and still works.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Used

Another deciding factor for many consumers is warrany. When it comes to flash drives, most companies offer a 2 or 3 year warrany. The OCZ Rally series comes with a whopping lifetime warranty! So no need to worry about having to buy another flash drive due to this flash drive failing! The 512MB Rally drive that we reviewed here today can be found for just under $30 plus shipping via the Shopping.com service.

As with any flash drive, we feel these little devices are perfect for gifts year-round. Whether there is a birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, or holiday, everyone can use a sleek little flash drive to carry around in this digital age!

Legit Bottom Line

The OCZ 512MB Rally Flash Drive offers great transfer speeds in a sleek, slim, and durable package. These drives are perfect for the flash driver users who are constantly on the go and need their files to load, like, yesterday! The primary focus with this drive is not a lengthy feature set, but raw horsepower.

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