OCZ 512MB Rally Flash Drive Review

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We compared the OCZ 512 MB Rally Flash Drive with our Kingston U3 DataTraveler and a generic flash drive. This way we will be able to notice the difference between a generic drive, a feature-rich drive, and OCZ’s raw speed; giving a nice variety of feature sets and what performance is offered. The benchmark used is SiSoft Sandra 2003.SR3’s Flash Drive benchmark utility.

Read Performance

For the OCZ Rally read performance, we notice a huge jump in kB/s when the file size is 256kB or greater. It is easy to see that the OCZ Rally’s design for speed is going strong in read performance!

Write Performance

Here we see the OCZ flash drive has some trouble reaching is rated max write speed of 15 MB/s and only reaches about 6.5 MB/s on a 64 MB file. However, it can be expected that on a yet larger file, the OCZ Rally drive will perform closer to its rated max write speed.

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