Oakley O ROKR Pro Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

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O ROKR Pro Final Thoughts

Oakley O ROKR Pro

Working out in the Southern California sun really tested the optics of these new Oakley’s.  On the Thump 2’s I was really impressed with the PLUTONITE lenses, but I think the O ROKR newer High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses are more versatile in the sun, on the beach, and on the water.  I really like the fact that you can interchange the standard Black Iridium HDO lens with other specialized HDO lenses.  I wish Oakley would have outfitted the O ROKR’s with the polarized black iridium lens as that is the most versatile in my opinion, but nevertheless, you at least have the option of purchasing them.  If you wear prescription glasses, Oakley can even custom fit your lenses to these sunglasses. 

Oakley O ROKR Lenses

The Oakley O ROKR Pro glasses are quite loud as well. We were more than happy with the sound output these bad boys produced. The controls worked incredibly well in sunshine and even in the rain.  We typically traveled with the phone either attached to our body with an arm strap or in a backpack and we didn’t experience any static whatsoever. The sound produced was clear and crisp and the 15-mm drivers did a great job of reproducing the MP3s that we had stored on our mobile device. 

Oakley O ROKR Earbud

When a phone call did come in, it registered quickly by pausing any music that was being played and playing a distinct ring tone.  Incredibly, very few people could tell that I was on a Bluetooth headset – let alone one that was embedded in some Oakley sunglasses.  Even when on the bike, the Motorola electronics did a great job of filtering out wind noise and enhancing my voice when on a call. 

The Oakley O ROKR Pro has to be one of the best performing Bluetooth headsets we have had the pleasure of testing.  It’s pretty amazing to write that after all the Bluetooth headsets we have looked at here at Legit Reviews, Oakley (with the help of Motorola) has the best overall performance of any Bluetooth headset we have tested.

Oakley O ROKR Pro

For $250 you get some of the best optics in sunglasses and the best Bluetooth stereo performance on the market. I guess you really do get what you pay for. 

Legit Reviews Editor's Choice

Legit Bottom Line:

The Oakley O Rokr Pro Bluetooth Sunglasses are made for those that want simplicity in their life and don’t mind paying for it.  At $250, O Rokr Pro sets the standard for not only great optics, but performs as one of the best Bluetooth Stereo headsets we have tested.

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