Oakley O ROKR Pro Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

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O ROKR Pro – Your New Training Partner

Oakley O ROKR Pro

There is nothing like having your favorite tunes with you when you are working out.  The problem used to be just getting to the point of taking music with you: Do I use a walkman (remember those?) or CD?  Arm band, backpack, or fanny pack?  Will I run out of music before my workout is over?  Will I need to keep extra batteries in my sock? 

With the advent of MP3 music players, the questions have changed a bit – mainly, which player should I use?  Go small and light with limited music storage?  Go with a larger player and take the risk of the player falling to the pavement?  How about a total integrated package like the Oakley Thump 2’s that are sunglasses with a built in MP3 player?  But I really don’t want to miss a call so this still makes me take along my cell phone.  Decisions, decisions.

Oakley O ROKR Pro

After using the Oakley Thump 2’s in a variety of environments – mostly running and on the bike, I was looking forward to Oakley’s next-generation of wearable electronics – not only to get my electronics fix, but I wanted something that was a bit less gaudy to wear in public.  Don’t get me wrong, though, on the bicycle you expect to be flashy and I could even convince myself that having bright white shades were safer by making me more “visible”. 

But when I was running, I looked more like Soulja Boy and less like Usain Bolt.  Really, my ego is not that big.  With the O ROKR Pros, however, Oakley made great strides in shrinking their entire package for an almost stealth look – you really can’t tell that the O ROKR’s have earbud on them until you get close to who is wearing them.  Motorola did a great job in shrinking the electronics down without sacrificing sound quality.

Oakley Thump 2 Weight

Oakley O ROKR Weight

When put to the scale the Oakley O ROKR Pro Bluetooth Sunglasses proved to weigh 20% less than the Oakley Thump 2’s.

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