NZXT Rogue Crafted Series SFF Gaming Chassis

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Installing Parts into the Rogue

NZXT Rogue accessories

Included with the Rogue are the mounting accessories and a carrying bag.

NZXT Rogue accessories

In the accessories box is all of the mounting hardware you would need. Each baggie is nicely labeled as to what the hardware is for. There is also a power supply extension.

NZXT Rogue PSU Extention mount

This bracket allows you to pull the PSU out of the case slightly to make more room for long optical drives that may not fit correctly otherwise or to allow more room for a long body PSU.

NZXT Rogue cooler space

Because there is so much height to the Rogue there is room to use a tower cooler. To show this I’m using the biggest tower cooler I currently have in my collection, the Noctua NH-U12P. When looking from the side it almost looks small in the Rogue.

NZXT Rogue cooler space

Looking from the top is another story. The closeness of the PSU body to the socket will limit the orientation of the cooler. The upside is that we can also change the air intake and exhaust directions of the side fans to pull fresh outside air straight into the cooler if need be. For the time being I’m leaving the fans in their stock locations.

NZXT Rogue video card space

With the PSU removed form the case we can see one of the advantages that the Rogue has over the traditional SFF cases and without the use of proprietary hardware. You can fit any length video card (green line) in it and not have to cut the chassis (red line) or remove anything. This, in addition to the ability to have 4 hard drives, makes the Rogue very attractive to those wanting a cube case, but want to use the current high end and easy to replace parts.

NZXT Rogue and Tiffany

With the aid of my lovely assistant Tiffany we can see the carry bag for the Rogue. I figured you guys would prefer her to model it rather than me. The carry strap is easy to put on the case and can be left on if you want, with minimal covering of the side fans.

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