NZXT Phantom Black E-ATX Full Tower Case Review

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The NZXT Phantom Full Tower Enthusiast Case

WOW! With all of the NZXT products I have reviewed recently you would think I would be tired of looking at their stuff, or at least own stock in the company. Well… you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, they just came out with a new product that has everyone wanting to get a closer look. I know I have been jumping up and down for months. So what is this mystery product? Of course, I am talking about the NZXT Phantom! If you don’t know what the Phantom is, just stop reading now. You are obviously not 1337 enough to read this article. Go on get out of here.

NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case

With all of the press and attention the NZXT Phantom has been receiving it is no surprise that there is a huge buzz that surrounds the Phantom. When it was first unveiled at Computex this year the masses fell in love. Almost every enthusiast site had pictures of the Phantom up in mere minutes. When I first saw the pics I was blown away. I had never seen a case that just had so much character.

The NZXT Phantom case is the next in line of their awesome looking and well known “Crafted Series” cases. But the Phantom takes the Crafted label one step further with killer lines, three attractive colors (Black, Red, and White) and more room inside than you will ever need. They have put together what I consider to be the Batmobile of computer cases. Just sitting on my desk it looks fast. Hell, it looked fast before I even put a computer inside of it. And you can have all of this goodness for the very reasonable price of $139.99. This price includes a two year

parts and labor warranty.

NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case Top View

I think with the knowledge left over from the last couple of NZXT reviews we can go ahead and skip the history lesson. If you need the history lesson, may I suggest making Nate happy and going back to read

some of my older articles? There are a couple that give you the extravaganza that is “About NZXT”. May I suggest the following:

NZXT Beta Evo Case


Trust me, I could sit here and gush and gush about this case, but this article isn’t about one man’s love for an inanimate object… or is it? During the course of this review I laughed, I cried, and most of

all I found a best friend. OK, not really. But I did have a really good time taking a look at the NZXT Phantom, and I had a much better time during the actual build. There is nothing better than when the

planets align and a build goes smoothly and with a look that is as clean as you had always wanted it to be.

NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case Top Fan

So before I give way too much away before the review even starts, let’s take a look at what makes the NZXT phantom tick:

NZXT Phantom Full Tower Enthusiast Case

  • MODEL: Phantom Series
  • CASE TYPE: Full Tower Steel
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 222 x 540 X 623 mm
  • FRONT, 1 X 140mm
    REAR, 1 X 120mm (included)
    SIDE, 2 x 120mm, 1 x 200/230 (2 x 120mm included)
    TOP, 2 X 200mm (1 x LED 200mm included)

    7 INTERNAL 3.5″/2.5″ Slots

  • Screwless Rail Design
  • MATERIAL(S): Steel with black finish
  • WEIGHT: 11 KGS (W/O Power)

To say that this case has a lot of room is a vast understatement. You could house a family of four inside this thing. This case was made and marketed directly at the “Enthusiast” crowd, so much so that

they even added it to the name of the case. Do you see it? It says NZXT Phantom Full Tower Enthusiast Case. So this isn’t just your run of the mill full tower case. And if you aren’t an enthusiast don’t even

look at the case; you aren’t allowed to. It was made for folks like you and me and, for us, nothing says, “hey I’m a geek” like a giant Batmobile-looking PC case sitting on your desk. Am I right, or am I right?

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