NZXT Launches Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 Water Coolers

NZXT today released the Kraken, the first premium all-in-one water cooler series for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike. The Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 are high end, all-in-one 140mm and 280mm liquid-cooling solutions. These coolers are based on Asetek’s 4th gen pump and cold plate technology, so these are using the latest and greatest cooling technology available! NZXT customized the Krakens a bit by customizing the fully configurable fan controller as well as HUE lighting. Both Krakens are aggressively priced at $99 and $139 for the X40 and X60, respectively, and backed by a 2 year warranty.

NZXT Kraken X60 Water Cooler

Applying its forward-thinking design philosophy to the water-cooling market, NZXT raises the bar with a userfriendly solution that brings unrivaled liquid-cooling performance to your fingertips. With 36% more surface area than standard 120mm/240mm radiators and fully interactive fan control, NZXT’s Kraken series is nothing short of a water-cooling behemoth.


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