NZXT Classic Series H2 Silent PC Case Review

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

NZXT H2 Silent Mid Tower

The H2 from NZXT is a very nice little case. NZXT says that the H2 will be available early April and carry an MSRP of $99.99. That price range is loaded with cases, but most are geared to gamers that want a little flash to their case. The H2, to me, is more geared towards someone building a system for an area where quiet is key. With the right hardware inside the H2 I think you would be hard pressed to know it is on, unless your head is right next to the case side. I am using the Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro on the test system; it is not the loudest cooler I have ever tested but the H2 made it seem loud as I could single out the cooler from the case. Coming in at roughly 24dBA that makes the fans on the H2 very quiet, even on high. I could hear the Freezer 13 Pro so not all sound is being stopped, but the sound level is very quiet compared to my HAF-912 all mesh case that does not stop any sound. The system with the CPU fan off was very silent; there is a slight hum with my head about 2″ from the case. The H2 paired with a CPU cooler like the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 or even the NH-D14 you would have a very near silent system.

The overall build quality is solid; NZXT provided everything to install your system but the screw driver. They even pre-run most the case wiring and zip tied it out of the way for you. Not that it’s hard to do; it just one less thing you have to worry about while building you system.

The new Touch Power fans on the front of the case are nice as well. I have seen similar things used for fan power on side panels. I like that the fans could be removed easily without having to shut the system down. The fan just pops out and can be cleaned as well as the screen. The fact that NZXT designed it to accept any 120mm fan with a 3 pin connector is also nice for those that want to try different fans or need to replace one. They are not tied to a non-standard fan.

With the sound insulation being foam based rather than hard plastic the case is lighter. Not sure how the foam will hold up after a couple of years of use. Granted, if you don’t get into the case daily it’s not like will see a lot of wear and tear. The inside of the door may be another issue.

NZXT H2 Silent Mid Tower

Overall, I’m happy with the H2. I think it would make for nice workstation PC, or even a quiet file sever off in the corner. There is enough room in the case that even an enthusiast looking for a classy looking home for their system would be happy as well. There isn’t much room internally for water cooling, but there are tubing pass through holes that will allow for an externally mounted solution.

NZXT says that the H2 will be available early April and carry an MSRP of $99.99, but when places like Newegg get a hold of it the H2 could come in lower, which will make it even more attractive. NZXT also told us that the H2 will carry a 2 year warranty and will also be available in white.

Legit Bottom Line: The H2 from NZXT is a very nice solidly built case that is also very quiet. It carries an MSRP of $99.99 and a 2 year warranty. If you’re in the market for a classy looking case with some nice features and a reasonable asking price, look at the H2.

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