NZXT Announces CAM-Powered N7 Z370 Motherboard

The N7 Z370 Is The First Motherboard From NZXT

NZXT has been a popular manufacturer of computer cases and AIO coolers for over a decade, producing some of the most awarded products in those categories during that time. Today, at CES 2018, NZXT announced their very first motherboard, the N7 Z370. Taking advantage of a built-in HUE+ digital RGB lighting control along with NZXT CAM software, the N7 Z370 is a full size ATX motherboard designed to give users a clean, simplified way to integrate RGB lighting and digitally controlled fans into their systems. Going even further to provide users with a clean aesthetic, NZXT is offering motherboard covers in both black and white for the N7 Z370, allowing for easy integration of the motherboard regardless of which color scheme a user is trying to achieve with their build. The N7 Z370 looks perfectly suited for installation in the recently released NZXT H700i case, which has similar design elements to the motherboard cover.

N7 Z370 Motherboard

The N7 Z370 isn’t all looks, from what I can see. In addition to having extensive lighting and fan control, the N7 Z370 uses a 15-phase digital power design with Infineon IC’s, so it should be a strong overclocker. Other Z370 staples like dual M2 slots, 7.1 audio on an isolated PCB and NVIDIA SLI support are also present on the N7 Z370. With a clean aesthetic and solid features, I can definitely see fans of NZXT and PC enthusiasts purchasing this motherboard. Peripheral and component matching to keep a clean look is something that many PC enthusiasts take seriously, so this may be a smart move for NZXT.

NZXT N7 Z370 - Black Cover

With the motherboard industry having lost so many players over the past decade plus, it is refreshing to see a company like NZXT put out an enthusiast-oriented motherboard. I am very interested to see how the NZXT N7 Z370 performs and overclocks against the current offerings on the market. I do think it will only be a matter of time before NZXT offers complete case + motherboard configurations, shipping the N7 Z370 pre-installed in one of their cases for no additional labor cost, but we will see what they decide to do in that regard.

N7 Z370 - White Cover

Leveraging our years of experience as professional PC builders, we’ve designed the N7 motherboard with a completely new approach. In the face of increasing complexity in the PC gaming market, we want to make building easier and more enjoyable, with the N7 as a cornerstone for this new experience. Everything you need–from easy layout and obvious connections to digital fan control and RGB lighting–is included. We’ve also designed a completely unique motherboard cover so it’s both beautiful and powerful. You can’t build a quieter, better-looking system as easily as you can with our new N7 motherboard.” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder, and CEO.

N7 Z370 installed in H700i from NZXT

The N7 Z370 will be available in the USA and Europe in late-January 2018 and will carry an MSRP of $299 USD. For more information on the N7 Z370 motherboard, visit the NZXT website.