NVISION 08 – Keynote on Visual Computing Perspectives

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Visual Computing Perspectives Part 2

Lorne Lanning Creator of OddWorld

Next up is Lorne Lanning who is an American game designer, writer, voice actor and animated film director. He is also co-founder and president of the video game developer, Oddworld Inhabitants. He is best known for creating the Oddworld series and talked about a game development in general.

Lorne Lanning Creator of OddWorld Demo

He talked about digital art, Good and Evil 2 from Ubisoft and had a demo that he showed those at the keynote. Lorne says the idea of a text medium and even a computer screen is a bit backwards and followed that up by saying in the future students will be handing in movies rather than reports in school. Pretty far out thoughts here looking at how the economy around the world is doing right now.

NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch

NASCAR racer Kyle Busch is up next and talks about playing racing games in his basement along with games of pool. He says they aren’t really exact as drafting in real life is very different than the games and that the wind coming off the car is different on the left and right sides in real life. He says that the games give you a general feel for the car and track, which is about as close as most of us will get to being in one of those cars. Kyle said that 3D technology helped develop the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ for Nascar and that while it isn’t too much fun to drive it is much safer.

NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch

They then introduced Sim Factory, a company that makes racing simulators, to come on stage and the CEO is going to race the young (23 years old) Kyle Busch in his game. Robert the CEO from Sim Factory was going to race Busch, but his system had to be restarted and Kyle just drove around the track till the end of the presentaion.

That concludes our coverage of the Visual Computing Perspectives Keynote!

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