NVIDIA Ultimate Countdown Timer – What Is It?

One of our readers just tipped us off that NVIDIA has a landing page up for what appears to be a new product. The landing page is located on NVIDIA.EU and says nothing more than “The Ultimate Is Coming” along with a countdown timer, which is set to end on July 22 at 6am PDT. Oddly enough if you switch out .EU for .COM there is no landing page.

Could this be the launch of the 2nd version of the NVIDIA Shield, a new gaming tablet under the Shield line, a new video card or something totally new? Anyone want to take a guess what the NVIDIA Ultimate product would be?

NVIDIA Ultimate Countdown Timer

  • bobgrosh

    a 9600 core motherboard for under 300.00 runs windows rt or android

  • Gamer

    Green Dildo

  • Axiomatic

    An NVidia powered Fleshlight.

  • Pie in the sky

    Titan GTX 100! Play 4k games at ultra setting 60-80 fps, watch & edit 4k-8k movies. Price: 500$. 5 years warranty.

  • Coach

    I meant to say 780Ti’s -prob. oc’d.

  • Coach

    A Dual-GPU unit on one card–(2 x 780s) with a min. 6GB ram.

  • bnjohanson

    Google Glass with a chunky, green plastic NVIDIA badge glued-on between the eyes…

  • basroil

    Screw the shield, we need some high end Maxwell cards.

    • anon

      Not compatible with hdmi2 or HEVC, yeah future 4k proof.

      • basroil

        Not even sure what you’re smoking….

        But as for HDMI2.0 and HEVC, it’s not a big change from existing hardware, so even if the GM207 didn’t have it there’s nothing to say it won’t be in the GM204/GM200

      • Arran McDonald

        HDMI 2.0 is nice but not needed as we have display port now HEVC is only really needed if watching high bit rate 4k videos so for me I could live with out that as im not going 4k yet if I upgrade it will be to 1440p

        • basroil

          “HEVC is only really needed if watching high bit rate 4k videos”

          Actually it’s the opposite, the SNR at high bit rates isn’t far off from h264, and the way DCT based compression schemes work each extra pixel only needs a small fraction more data. The difference between a 1080p and 720p video with same SNR isn’t nearly as high as the more than double resolution increase.

          HEVC does increase SNR the most with Main 10 compared to AVC’s main profile, but it falls short of outstanding improvements compared to 10bit AVC (can’t find any direct comparisons, but all literature I checked put 10bit AVC at 25%+ decrease in bitrate for same quality and Main 10 at 35%+), especially considering how much more computationally intensive it is to encode (and decode).

          Of course, it all depends on what you encode, since HEVC doesn’t improve temporal compression at all. So if you have things like action movies with heavy camera shake it’ll be useless, but things like anime (that are almost entirely spatial information) should get some major size reductions for the same quality (think 1080p anime with same file sizes as the current batch of 480p)