NVIDIA Tries To Poison Media With Lead Painted Coffee Mugs

Legit Reviews just made it out to San Jose for the 2010 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference and the swag bag this year was rather interesting. Inside a plastic tote that is a made from four 20oz recycled plastic bottles and listing a url for their ‘Green Initiative’ at GTC was a Coffee Mug for the conference. The said coffee cup had a warning sticker stating that the decorations on the exterior of the product contains lead, lead compounds and/or cadmium. Doesn’t sound too environmentally friendly to us and the companies ‘Green Initiative’ states that “Gifts for participants are durable, useful, minimally packaged (incorporating recycled content packaging), made from non-toxic materials, and incorporate the highest practical post-consumer recycled content.” I guess the person that ordered the mug didn’t know about this initiative. Don’t worry we won’t be licking the outside of the cup, but we certainly won’t be drinking any kool-aid from it either this week. Stay tuned for show coverage!


The epicenter of the computing revolution moves to the San Jose Convention Center this week as developers, executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors converge at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Leaders from industry and academia will convene on Sept. 20-23 to learn about, and collaborate on, the application of powerful GPU (graphics processing unit) technology to the world’s most important computing challenges. Visionaries from national laboratories worldwide, as well as Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and leading universities, will present more than 280 hours of technical sessions to a diverse audience from 50 countries.

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