NVIDIA SHIELD Updated and Better Than Ever

NVIDIA rolled out a major update to their portable SHIELD gaming device that allows thousands of games to benefit from the console-grade controller, brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to SHIELD, and introduces other new features including:

  • Console Mode, which turns SHIELD into a portable living room game console. Pair up a Bluetooth controller and sit back on your couch and play Android games, browse the Web, and watch your favorite movies all in native HD at 1080p.
  • NVIDIA GameStream (formally known as PC streaming), is officially launching today and is also Console Mode-ready. So you’ll be able to stream your PC games to – and enjoy them on – the big screen.
  • SHIELD Gamepad Mapper, which allows you to create your own custom controls for thousands of games on Google Play, or use NVIDIA’s default profiles now available for more than a hundred (and counting) top Android games, making everything from “NBA Jam” to “Temple Run” playable on SHIELD’s console-grade controller. The default profiles are automatically downloaded from the cloud so you can just launch your game and play. Full list of NVIDIA default profiles are below the fold.

NVIDIA also released a SHIELD video today that is worth taking a look at.