NVIDIA Shield Now $199 – Android 4.4.2 Update Release Slips

Last month, Legit Reviews informed you that the NVIDIA Shield would be getting a temporary price reduction and that the it would be receiving an update to Android 4.4.2 on April 2nd. It appears that the price cut is very much alive and you can pick an NVIDIA Shield up at Amazon for $199.99 shipped without rebate.  The bad news is that the Android 4.4.2 OTA update has still not been rolled out. Legit Reviews contacted NVIDIA this afternoon and they said that the update to KitKat has slipped until April 6th, 2014. So, if you are a Shield owner and are looking for the update it won’t be happening today.

NVIDIA Shield Slide Deck

The NVIDIA Shield will be getting all the updated that come standard in Android 4.4.2 along with a major update to its GameStream feature and some TegraZone App tweaks. The upcoming version of GameStream will allow users to stream games from their own PC, wake up the computer over LAN and also access it remotely. On top of that you can use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard when streaming to a TV and you can now stream to a TV at 1080P instead of 720P.