NVIDIA Rebrands GeForce 510 & GT 520 To 605 & GT 620 For OEMs

Well It seems NVIDIA has decided to rebrand two Fermi GPUs as part of the new GeForce 600 series for OEMs. The GeForce 510, will be repurposed as the GeForce 605, which will see a massive drop in clock speeds. The core clock will drop from 810 MHz to 523 MHz, the shader clocks will drop from 1620 MHz down to 1026 Mhz. The total video memory the card will have at it’s disposal has also been dropped from 1024 MB / 2048 MB down to 512 MB / 1024MB. The GeForce GT 520 will be rebranded as the GeForce GT 620 but again comes with half the memory, meaning the 620 will have 512 MB / 1024 MB instead of the 1024 MB/ 2048 MB seen on the 520. It is interesting to note that both rebrands do see better Open GL support, going from Open GL 4.1 to 4.2. According to Tom’s Hardware NVIDIA’s Bryan Del Rizzo, went on to say that both the 605 and 620 are indeed Fermi-based graphics cards, however, they will be OEM only and will not be seen in the retail channel.

NVIDIA GeForce GT520 to GT620 rebrand

Nvidia is recycling aging Fermi chips and offers them in a new wrapper. The GeForce GT 520 has turned into the GT 620, but comes with just half the memory 512/1024 MB instead of 1024/2048 MB. However, the new card now supports OpenGL 4.2 and not just 4.1..


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