NVIDIA Launches GeForce 8800M SLI Notebook Graphics

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SLI notebooks with GeForce 8800M

Dell XPS Featuring NVIDIA 8800M

In the next few week, notebooks with NVIDIA SLI technology and GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs will be available from leading notebook manufacturers in North America and Europe including Alienware, Dell, Sager, Eurocom, MALIBAL, Cybersystem, Multirama, Nexoc, and Rock.


Sager SLi Configureation

We actually got to test drive at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  We played a couple of rounds of Crysis and could definitely tell that this wasn’t your everyday desktop replacement.  Rather, this machine was built for the enthusiasts.

Dell XPS m1730

Today, you will be able to pre-order a Dell XPS M1730 outfitted with the GeForce 8000M in SLI!  Of course pricing is expected to be at – or above – $3000 for the top-of-the-line configuration.  We hear that Alienware will have an 8800M SLI version of their Area-51 available for order the first week of February.

Alienware Area-51 m17x

Area-51 Keys

Lastly, it has been pretty widely known that the Sager NP9262 will also be outfitted with the newest 8M GPU in SLI.

Sager NP9262


These new elite class of gaming notebooks powered by NVIDIA SLI and two GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs will offer gamers an extreme gaming experience with stunning special effects and high-definition visuals for the hottest PC games including: Crysis, Hellgate: London, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3, and Call of Duty 4, along with full support for current DirectX 9 games.

Rene Haas, general manager of GeForce notebook GPUs at NVIDIA says of the new graphics architecture:

“Our NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX GPU sets a new level for notebook graphics performance. Now with NVIDIA SLI we’ve doubled the processing horsepower to give gamers the most extreme experience for PC games, 3D applications, and HD video on the road. For those wanting the best, this is it.”

NVIDIA has even released some preliminary benchmarks showing 3DMark06 scores over 12,000 in a Dual GPU set up. Looks like NVIDIA is trying to deliver another knockout blow to ATI and AMD.  Time will tell, of course, and until we get our hands on a shipping model, we can only speculate.  The 8800M GTX/GTS SLI Notebook Platform sure does look nice though!



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