NVIDIA Kepler Video Card With 7 Billion Transistors Coming Soon – GeForce GTX 690?

If you look at the NVIDIA GTC Registration page you’ll see mention of an upcoming Kepler GPU that has 7 Billion transistors! Could this be the long lost GK110 GPU, which is “The Big Kahuna” when it comes to this architecture? The NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 uses the GK104 GPU and has 3.54 Billion transistors, so get ready for a monster! Rumors of a GeForce GTX 690 video card have been floating around, so if the yields are good and the info on the GTC Registration page is correct, we could be seeing a new flagship card from NVIDIA next month! This is good news for NVIDIA fans, but how much will this sucker cost? Do you think this one will be priced over $800?

S0642: In this talk, individuals from the GPU architecture and CUDA software groups will dive into the features of the compute architecture for “Kepler” – NVIDIA’s new 7-billion transistor GPU. From the reorganized processing cores with new instructions and processing capabilities, to an improved memory system with faster atomic processing and low-overhead ECC, we will explore how the Kepler GPU achieves world leading performance and efficiency, and how it enables wholly new types of parallel problems to be solved.


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