NVIDIA Kepler GK110 Approximate Specs Leaked

The launch of NVIDIA’s new range of Kepler-based graphics is almost on top of us, yet details are starting to emerge about the GK104 GPU’s big brother, the GK110.

It looks like NVIDIA decided to release the lower performance GK104 GPU as their upcoming top card, the GTX 680, since performance was above what they expected. This GPU would most likely have gone into a GTX 670 otherwise. It also could be due to the very large die size of the GK110 top dog chip, which is surprisingly due for launch as far away as August. The naming for this card has not been revealed, but speculation pegs it as the GTX 685, with the GTX 690 name reserved for the dual GK104 card. Leaked specifications table is below, comparing the GK110 to the GK104 and AMD’s HD 7970. Note the brawny 512-bit memory bus.


Going back to GK110, a card built in 28nm process, which will likely have 2304 CUDA cores, may have completely reorganized GPU structure. Streaming multiprocessors may rise to 10 (in comparison to GTX 680). NVIDIA could use 512-bit memory interface on this one. It is rumored that GK110 will consume around 250 Watts. Card should be prepared for August 2012. Naming is not yet revealed, but since GTX 680 is already taken, this card may be called GTX 685 (leaving GTX 690 brand for dual-gk104). It is also possible that NVIDIA will decide to release new GK110 gpu as a card from GeForce 700 series, but this would be a marketing failure as owners of GTX 680 would feel confused – having a graphics card which is a generation old after 5 months.


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