NVIDIA Ion Platform Benchmark Preview

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NVIDIA Ion Platform Benchmarks

Since we don’t have our own NVIDIA Ion Platform to benchmark for ourselves all we can do on the performance front is show you what NVIDIA showed us during our conversation with them at CES 2009.

Nvidia Ion Platform Test System

The tests were run on NVIDIA Ion Reference PC that was shown on the previous page, but all the detailed settings are shown above.

Nvidia Ion Platform Benchmark Results

As you can see the NVIDIA Ion Reference Platform isn’t going to challenge desktop computers, but it is a very interesting platform. The platform is 100% Microsoft Windows Vista Premium capable and can playback high-definition 1080P video at 40MB/Sec with no problems at all from what we both saw at the show and were told during our briefings.  We’ll bring you more on the NVIDIA Ion Platform once we get one in our hands to see how it works at our test lab in the weeks to come.

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