NVIDIA Gets Priority At TSMC For 28nm Capacity

It seems Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has decided to give NVIDIA priority when it comes to 28nm capacity. As we previous reported, NVIDIA had been looking for alternatives to TSMC such as Samsung Electronics and Global Foundries in order to get their GPUs launched and on the market in greater numbers. It seems likely that TSMC, in order to smooth over any hard feelings, has placed NVIDIA on its priority list and by extension should allow the company to release its 28nm GPUs on time throughout May and June. This situation with NVIDIA is mirrored by Qualcomm, which managed to gain priority earlier with the same tactic of outsourcing orders to gain more fab time. With this change in priority, other companies waiting on 28nm manufacturing will probably see delays of which I suspect they will not be so happy about. That said, hopefully this means NVIDIA GPUs will finally be available for purchase.


Since Nvidia has been unsatisfied with TSMC’s 28nm process, while the company has also not refuted rumors that the company may cooperate with Samsung Electronics or Globalfoundries, TSMC, to sooth Nvidia, has put the GPU maker on its supply priority, allowing Nvidia to be able to release its 28nm GPUs on schedule in May and June.


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