NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN GPUs Power Red Bull Training Grounds Event

NVIDIA let us know this morning that GeForce GTX TITAN GPUs are powering the Red Bull Training Grounds where eight pro StarCraft II players will show off their elite RTS skills to the rest of the world in a series of live-streamed scrimmages and a tournament with over $8K in prize money at stake. In the first of a series of Red Bull eSports tournament events in 2013, Red Bull Training Grounds invites eight pro players, who will scrimmage in a series of round-robin matches over the course of the first two days, giving each athlete the opportunity to experience one another’s signature tactics and evasive rebuttals. At the completion of each scrimmage, players head to the analysis booth to discuss and critique their performance, giving the audience at home a bleacher seat to the training regimes and techniques of top players, gaining strategic insight right alongside the pros from June 21 – 23. You can watch the action from the Red Bull Training Grounds via a live digital broadcast this weekend. VODs will be hosted as well here.


Red Bull Training Grounds alumni will head to MLG Anaheim the following weekend to test their mettle on the global competitive tournament circuit to face off against the best players from around the world, including some of the best South Korean teams. This year has already been a big one for competitive StarCraft 2. The StarCraft 2 World Championship Series (WCS) kicked off its first official season in April, and Blizzard instituted a unified global player ranking system with points awarded to players at each event. The top 16 players in points will compete for the world championship at the BlizzCon Global Finals.

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