NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Graphics Cards by EVGA and PNY

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Since video card temperatures and the heat generated by next-generation cards have become an area of concern among enthusiasts and gamers, we want to take a closer look at how these cards generate heat under load.

GeForce GTX 280 Idle Temperature

In order to get proper temperature readings we used the Precision Overclocking Utility, which is EVGA exclusive (even though it works on other brand cards). This program allows you to fine tune your graphics card for the maximum performance possible, with Core/Shader/Memory clock tuning, real time monitoring support including in-game, Logitech Keyboard LCD Display support, and broad compatibility with almost all graphics cards. We ended up using this utility on the PNY GeForce GTX 280 since it uses the reference air cooler. At idle the video card was running at a low power state with reduced clock frequencies. The temperature was right at 46C, which is nice.

GeForce GTX 280 Load Temperature

Firing up ATI Tool and running the ‘3D View’ we were able to get the graphics card to top out at 65/66C. In the middle of the run I clicked a window outside the 3D viewer and you’ll notice how fast the card reacts to the change and lowers the clocks.  NVIDIA has put a lot of time and effort in making their cards run more efficient and it is paying off. Why are we not including any water cooled EVGA GeForce GTX 280 temperatures? We are trying to sort out which pump works best, so stay tuned.

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