NVIDIA & Gearbox Unveiling At PDXLAN 19, Setting The Story Straight

We previously reported that the NVIDIA and Gearbox unveiling at PDXLAN 19 was a flop. It has however, come to our attention that this is not the case. According to NVIDIA’s Senior PR Manager Bryan Del Rizzo, who is apparently rather unhappy with TechPowerUp! whom was the source of this news, has set the record straight, having said: “Our PDX stage show consisted of a Tegra 3/Transformer 2 session, a demonstration of Skyrim and Splashtop (same demo we showed at CES) and pizza. Lots of it.” The video footage of Borderlands 2 shown at the event was a trailer captured on a PC, with Bryan further stating that “Never once was Borderlands 2 and Tegra 3 even mentioned in the same sentence.” Bryan went on to further say that the crowd loved the show.



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