NVIDIA & Gearbox Unveiling At PDXLAN 19 A Disappointment

It was just a short week ago that a news post on the PDXLAN website got the enthusiast community all excited with anticipation. NVIDIA and Gearbox were going to get together at PDXLAN 19 and really give the attendees “an exclusive treat from one of the year’s hottest games that will blow their mind”. The anticipated unveiling, which many were hoping would be NVIDIA’s Kepler GPUs or exclusive information on Gearbox’s upcoming projects, turned out to be a wash. Instead, NVIDIA and Gearbox showed off a Tegra 3 machine running Borderlands 2. While Tegra 3 running Borderlands 2 is amazing, considering the machine is built on the ARM architecture, the hype was just too much. Like Duke Nukem Forever it was a flop. (UPDATE 2-21-12: NVIDIA Says this didn’t happen)

PDXLAN 19 News Post

What attendees reported to have seen, instead, was a setup of an NVIDIA Tegra 3 machine running Borderlands 2. There’s nothing particularly bad about Tegra 3 running Borderlands, in itself it is an amazing feat for an ARM-architecture machine, but then the hype built around it, coupled with the circumstances, makes this event a damp squib indeed.


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