NVIDIA Forceware 196.75 Drivers Killing Video Cards

We took a quick look at the NVIDIA Community Forums this morning and it appears that consumers are having problems with the Foreceware 196.75 WHQL video card drivers that just came out on Tuesday. It appears that cards are overheating for some reason and you can find a number of threads on this issue like here, here and a ton here in the Official NVIDIA Forceware 196.75 display driver feedback thread. As a result of this feedback it would appear that NVIDIA has removed the drivers as the latest WHQL driver on the site is now 196.21. This might be a good thing as check out what NVIDIA Forum member BuddaBelly posted up.

“Well I have a 6600 card in my sons PC and we updated the driver and an hour later he came to me complaining that all he saw was a flashing screen. I rebooted the machine and all I got was artifacts. I removed the card and added a ATI 2600 XT to it and everything is working. Completely removed all nvidia drivers and then reinstalled the 6600 but it is cooked. I know my card is older but surely nvidia will provide some sort of exchange program for these fried cards. I have never had this happen with a driver. Lucky for me I was having video playback problems in my HTPC (GT 240) and I rolled back the drivers before any damage happened to it. I never smelled the burning plastic like some people but never the less I have a paper weight for a card. I updated the drivers the day they came out but just now found this forum. Think I will be checking feedback on this site before updating my drivers the next time!” – BuddaBelly

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