Nokia Releases 3D Printing Files That Allow You To Make Your Own Phone Case

Nokia has jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon with the release of printable design files and instructions for making your own custom Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone case! The files, in standard 3-D printer formats, are available on the site in three versions of the rendering: two STL options and one in STP. The company also launched a 3-D printing Wiki with material and software suggestions, and possible projects that consumers could design into these CAD files, such as built-in SIM card holders and bike mounts. Pretty cool stuff! Time to brush up on those Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills that you have!

Nokia 3D Printing Cover

In what we believe to be a phone manufacturer first, we are providing the mechanical drawings for the Lumia 820’s back shell so you can modify and enhance the design then print it out on a 3D printer. Now it’s up to you to come up with practical, innovative, or downright crazy concepts to put onto your phone.


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