The Nokia 3310 To Be Revived at MWC 2017

I still remember browsing reddit and coming across Nokia memes from time to time and still do. The reason being that, if you’ve ever owned one of the older Nokia phones, they’re near indestructible. Back in the year 2000, Nokia introduced the most reliable and sturdy phone known to man: The Nokia 3310. 17 years later, the Nokia 3310 is being revived and will be revealed at the MWC (Mobile World Conference) 2017, later this month (according to a leak by VentureBeat).

The Nokia 3310 may be outdated but the new modern version that will be released will possibly be an answer to our horrendous battery life as Pokemon Go is still running in the background of our smartphones and a stronger alternative to our beloved glass encased smartphones. Although, this will not replace our smartphones completely, it’s nice to see that our beloved Nokia 3310 has been leaked to us just prior to Valentine’s Day.