Nintendo Switch Ultra Street Fighter II First Person Mode Gameplay Video Surfaces

At this point we all know that the Nintendo Switch game console will launch on March 3. That launch is only a few weeks away and while a new console is great, what really makes or breaks the system is what games are available to play. Capcom has published a new video that shows some gameplay footage from its Ultra Street Fighter II video game for the Switch.

The cool part about the video is it highlights a new first person mode for the game that allows you to fight from the character’s perspective. I’m a big fan so first person modes, I’ve always found it a bit awkward to control some third person characters in some games.

The first person mode also shows off how the controls on Switch will function and if you expected them to be much like the Nintendo Wii, you would be correct. Playing Ultra Street Fighter II on the Switch will be an active experience. You can expect those sore muscles after a day of playing like you had back when you beat down all comers on Wii Boxing.

Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t been following the Nintendo Switch that much, it will use an NVIDIA Tegra processor. The console is designed to be used at home with the TV and to be portable for gaming on the go. Nintendo has lined up a large number of developers to support the system with games and naturally will support the Switch with its own first person titles. We don’t know now when exactly the Capcom title will launch. It’s unclear if the game will be a launch title or land sometime after the launch of the Switch.