Nintendo Switch Keyboard Accessory Lets you Type and Play

Nintendo Switch gamers who want a game controller that allows for easy typing while you are controlling your game will like the Cyber Gadget USB keyboard for the Nintendo Switch. The keyboard is designed to allow you to dock your Joy-Con controllers on each side of the keyboard.

The manufacturer of the keyboard says that this is the perfect accessory for online games that support text chatting like Dragon Quest X. The keyboard is one of the compact units with 78 keys so you might have to get used to the layout. The keyboard is light weighing in at 250g so it should easy to hold for extended gaming sessions.

It apparently works with the Switch, PC, and PS4 with a cable length of 150cm, putting it at a bit under 5-feet long. That means it does have to be connected to a USB port so if you are wanting to sit across the room from your Switch and use this keyboard, you are out of luck.

The big caveat for this Switch keyboard accessory is that it’s for sale on meaning if you are in the US and want one, you would have to import it. It does have Japanese characters on the keytops, but it has normal alphabet and QWERTY layout as well. The keyboard is listed as pre-order with shipping on September 30 for 3,758 yen, which is about $33.