Nintendo to Launch Limited-Edition Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

One of the coolest games that is around for the Nintendo Switch is Breath of the Wild, the latest game in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Nintendo has announced that it will be launching a special limited-edition collection of the game’s soundtrack. The soundtrack will be on five-discs and will have hundreds of tracks reports The Verge.

The catch for serious fans of the game here in the US is that the soundtrack will only be offered in Japan. There is a single disc soundtrack of the game already out there, but this new soundtrack has 211 tracks that were created by Manaka Kataoka for the game.

The soundtrack includes music from all the DLC offered for the game and the music that was used in launch trailers. There will be two versions with the initial limited edition selling for about $66. It comes with a promotional button that has a 15-track integrated music player inside.

The normal edition of the soundtrack will sell for about $47. Both will go on sale on April 25 in Japan. Some feel that the music used in the game is as important as graphics and those folks should love this.