Nintendo 2DS XL Lands July 28

So you want to play the new Pokemon game, but you don’t care for 3D? The answer is and has been the Nintendo 2DS, this console lets you play all those cool 3DS games, but without the 3D effects. Nintendo has announced that it has a new 2DS XL console that will land on July 28. Pricing for the portable device is set at $149.99 making it affordable.

While the standard 2DS has a stacked screen design that doesn’t fold, the 2DS XL will have a folding clamshell design similar to the 3DS. The folding design allows Nintendo to shoehorn in larger screens and still have the 2DS XL work well for portability. TechCrunch says that the new portable console has the same processing power that the new 3DS XL has that launched back in 2015 reports TechCrunch.

That improved power compared to the standard 2DS will mean better performance in games. 2DS XL buyers also get the new C Stick and ZL and ZR buttons that launched with the new 3DS XL hardware. Other cool features of the 2DS XL include NFC support for playing with Amiibos.

Nintendo has some 2DS XL games that will launch with the new console as well, one of those is a side-scroller Pikmin game called HEY! PIKMIN and a Mii game that has RPG and strategy elements to it. If you were among those who thought that the Switch might mean the end of the 3DS and 2DS portables, it looks like that won’t happen.