Missouri Chocolate Lottery Ticket

Missouri Lottery Considering Chocolate Scented Scatchers

The Missouri Lottery announced today that they are considering issuing food scented Scratchers tickets. The organization broke the news after e-mailing out a survey called the ‘Chocolate Ticket Survey,’ where they were looking to see what graphical elements were most appealing to lottery players. The chocolate-themed tickets are chocolate scented and they would be the …more

Richard Huddy

AMD Welcomes Return of Richard Huddy

Richard Huddy is back at AMD!  We just got this statement from our friends at AMD: AMD is proud to announce the return of the well-respected authority in gaming, Richard Huddy. After three years away from AMD, Richard returns as AMD’s Gaming Scientist in the Office of the CTO – he’ll be serving as a …more

Hell Boy Case Mod at Computex 2014

Gigabyte Shows Off Hellboy Case Mod w/ Z97N-Gaming 5 Board At Computex

Gigabyte has a pretty big suite at Computex 2014 and has tons of hardware on display along with an interesting Hellboy themed system that certainly stood out from the crowd. The Hellboy system was running an Intel Core i7-4790S processor on a Gigabyte Z97N-Gaming 5 Mini-ITX motherboard. A Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD held Windows …more


Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition Processor Coming For $72

Devil’s Canyon might be all over the news today, but don’t forget about the new Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition Processor. This processor is based on the same dual-core, dual-threaded architecture as other 22nm Haswell processors, but is fully unlocked like a traditional K-SKU processor. When we reviewed the Intel Pentium G3220 Processor, that is …more


ASUS Cuts Loose On New Hardware At Computex

Computex Taipei is one of the foremost tech expo’s of the consumer hardware industry. Today, ASUS kicked off the show with a keynote presentation unveiling some high-caliber hardware. A few things we knew were coming, but dropping a few new bombs as well. We’ve covered the PG278Q before, but for a quick recap the monster …more

Peter Sunde

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Arrested in Sweden

Peter Sunde has been arrested after two years of hiding. Sunde is to serve the 8 month jail sentence set by the 2010 court appeal. The appeal wasn’t necessarily a win for the three founders. Though the jail time decreased, the corresponding fine was increased from the original 2009 sentencing of $3.5m to nearly $7m. …more

Google To Spend Over $1 Billion To Launch 180 Stallites For Internet Domination

Google To Spend Over $1 Billion To Launch 180 Stallites For Internet Domination

The Wall Street Journal has learned that Google has created an internet provider program with 180 small low Earth satellites. Google will spend more than $1 billion on deploying its first Internet-beaming satellite fleet that will help Google bring the Internet to remote locations where broadband isn’t available or there is no internet access at whatsoever.  …more

FCC Logo

FCC To Change What A Broadband Connection Is Considered

Continuing its push to deliver high-speed Internet to Americans, the FCC has announced plans to update the legal grounds as to what constitutes a “broadband” connection. Since 2010 the FCC has stated that to be called broadband the internet service needed to be 4Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream. For more than a decade before that, …more

Quantum Diamonds

Quantum Entanglement And Faster Than Light Data Transmission

Over the past week there has been quite a buzz in the scientific community over a Dutch experiment reliably transmitting data instantly between two electrons via quantum entanglement. While many reports are sensationalizing the discovery, referring to it as a breakthrough in ‘teleportation’, there’s something almost as exciting as physical transportation already proven possible in …more


NVIDIA Applies For Patent On New Turbofan For Graphics Cards

It appears that NVIDIA has applied for a patent (US20140133082 A1) on a new GPU cooling fan that looks like it will more than likely be used in combination with the heat sinks of future video cards. The design of this particular turbofan is unique in the sense that it has an inner fan where …more

Dell Analyst Conference

Dell Says PCs Aren’t Dying And Reveals Five Quarter Growth

At Dell’s yearly analyst conference, Vice Chairman Jeffrey Clarke announced growth over the past five quarters and the highest market share the company has held in the past five years. Dell’s reports come as somewhat of a surprise in the era of flourishing mobile computing, particularly since Dell took the company private last year and …more


Battlefield 3 and Plants vs Zombies Are Free on Origin until June 3

Battlefield 3 sold 5 million copies in the first week of its release back in 2011 and received critical acclaim from most game reviewers. If you missed the boat three years ago, you are being given a second chance. Until next Tuesday, Battlefield 3 will be downloadable for free as part of Origin’s “On the …more


TrueCrypt Is Not Secure According To Own Developers Who Pull Plug

The homepage for TrueCrypt was changed Wednesday and redirected to the Sourceforge project page where there are directions on how to migrate data encrypted over to Bitlocker. The page also has an ominous warning about the software that reads “Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues.” “This page exists only …more


NVIDIA Announces GTC 2015 Dates – March 17-20th

NVIDIA has announced that GTC 2015 is scheduled for March 17-20th in San Jose, California. NVIDIA is already working hard on delivering a great event, bringing together leading researchers, industry luminaries, and NVIDIA experts, as well as creating an onsite experience packed with networking opportunities, entertainment, and more. Registration will open in late Fall 2014. …more