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The Nokia 3310 To Be Revived at MWC 2017

I still remember browsing reddit and coming across Nokia memes from time to time and still do. The reason being that, if you’ve ever owned one of the older Nokia phones, they’re near indestructible. Back in the year 2000, Nokia introduced the most reliable and sturdy phone known to man: The Nokia 3310. 17 years …more

Capsaicin and Cream

AMD Capsaicin Event at GDC 2017 on Feb 28th Will Be Livestreamed

Last year at GDC 2016, Legit Reviews was in attendance for AMD’s Capsaicin event where the GPU maker talked about Polaris GPUs and even had Vega and Navi on a roadmap that went up to 2019! It looks like AMD will be having another Capsaicin event during GDC 2017 on February 28th, 2017 at 10:30am PT …more


iPhone 8 Curved OLED Rumors Strengthened after Apple Buys 60M OLED Panels

Apple and Samsung have one of the fiercest rivalries in all of the mobile phone world. Apple makes the iPhone and Samsung makes the Galaxy series of smartphones. The two firms battle it out for the dollars of the smartphone buying consumers around the world. It can’t sit well with Apple that it has to …more

coffee lake

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs to use 14nm Build Process

Intel fans can all let out a collective “Awe Man!” after a new report has surfaced that suggests the 8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake chips that were expected to come using a 10 nm build process will keep the same old 14nm process after all. The launch of the chips has been confirmed by Intel …more

MSI GTX 1070/1080

Tease of New Tiny MSI GeForce GTX 1070/1080 Graphics Card

MSI offers a little tease to mass media through Facebook a new video card being introduced this week. There is speculation MSI will be introducing a MSI GeForce GTX 1070/1080 version of NVIDIA’s graphics card. MSI’s Facebook post states, “Can you guess what we’re introducing next week?” MSI has made an image shadowing a compact …more

Raja Koduri Getting Close To His Glowing Ryzen System

AMD Ryzen benchmarks, clock speeds and pricing details leak, CPU wars are heating up

AMD fans out there who have been waiting on more details to surface about the coming AMD Ryzen processor family will be thrilled to hear that more details have leaked over the weekend. Among the new leaked data are Ryzen benchmarks and pricing information. There are nine different Ryzen parts called out in the price …more

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon Unlimited Data Launches Today with HD Streaming and Hotspot

If you need any further proof that T-Mobile is putting pressure on other major carriers in the mobile world look no further than the new Verizon Unlimited data plan that has launched today. Verizon Unlimited is a new offering from Verizon Wireless that brings smartphone users on the network unlimited data, voice and text messaging …more


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier to Hit Shelves on February 28th

Regardless of whether or not we support the Walking Dead TV series, there are a number of ways that these fun and exciting little zombies can make their way into our lives. The type of genre that blends horror and gore together is definitely not for everyone but in some cases there are exceptions. The …more

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Online Pricing Leaks Show AMD Ryzen R7 1800X CPU Priced At $490

For a while now, Intel has dominated the CPU market and pushed AMD into the budget CPU category. Luckily, AMD has been developing something that will bring back some healthy competition. AMD’s Ryzen 8 core CPU will feature 16 threads and will start at around $316 according to The Intel Core i7-7700K is priced …more

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Razer Has A Surprise Coming Up for Hardcore Fans on a Budget!

Plenty of people rave about the great quality of gaming peripherals as well as the performance they deliver and how it looks on our desks. It’s pretty cool to walk into a room to see our friends’ PC surrounded by a sea of glowing RGB peripherals and sometimes one piece of gear is enough. Unfortunately, …more

AMD Ryzen Processor Series Lineup Rumors

Will AMD Be Launching 17 Ryzen Processors Next Month?

Rumor has it that AMD is going to be releasing 17 Ryzen processors that are divided into three series named R3, R5 and R7. The high-end Ryzen processors will be placed into the R7 range and will all be 8-core 16-thread processors that are meant to compete with the Intel Core i7 series. Next you have …more


Rumor: Samsung Batteries To Be Sourced From Murata Manufacturing Company

As many of us can remember, Samsung took a pretty big hit when they had to recall their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices due to malfunctioning batteries. The batteries would explode or catch on fire. This resulted in a major blow to Samsung’s reputation, especially because they’re one of the leading companies in the Android …more


GeForce Experience Users Can Access Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta

While the release of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands creeps up (set to release on March 7th 2017) there’s surely plenty of us who are want to test out the waters of the Wildlands before the release. Luckily for some of us, by using the GeForce Experience and following the social media channels of …more


AOC Releases 27 Inch Q2781PQ IPS Frameless Monitor for $350

While some of us are upgrading to 4k screens there are still those of us who look for features besides 4k resolution. Recently, AOC released a 27 inch IPS frameless monitor for $350. The downside to IPS panels is that they’re normally slower than their TN panel counterparts which is why TN monitors are, more …more