AMD radeon fury gpu

AMD Fiji GPU Shown – Coming to Radeon Fury on June 16th

We just learned that AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, showed off the actual Fiji GPU at Computex 2015 during a press conference! The AMD Fiji GPU is rumored to be powered the upcoming AMD Radeon Fury X and Radeon Fury video cards. The website was the site that broke the news and shared some information …more


Thermaltake Releases Computex 2015 Product Highlight Video

Thermaltake has posted up a video that highlights most all of the new products that the company revealed this week. The video is hosted by no other than Shannon Robb and the Tt Marketing Manager gives a top notch tour of the booth. Thermaltake released the Suppressor F51 case, Core X Series of cases, W …more


MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING Motherboard Has RGB Lights

MSI announced a super high-end Intel X99 motherboard called the X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard earlier this week at COMPUTEX, but didn’t have any pictures of the boldly named motherboard. You might think that overclocking or a feature along those lines would be what MSI is touting, but it isn’t. MSI is very proud of the fact that the X99A …more

EVGA Z170 Classified

EVGA Z170 Classified, FTW and Stinger Motherboards at Computex

EVGA is ready for Intel Skylake processors and is showing off several Intel Z170 powered boards as proof. We were told that the boards are still pre-production, but they are mostly done. The three boards that were on display at Computex 2015 were the EVGA Z170 Stinger, FTW, and Classified. The EVGA Z170 Classified and …more

ECS Z170 Claymore

ECS Z170 Claymore and Z170 Blade Motherboards Shown At Computex

ECS might not be the first name gamers think of when building a new gaming PC, but the brand keeps chugging along and churning out LEET Gaming motherboards for pretty much every Intel chipset generation. This week at Computex 2015 the folks over at ECS are showing off the latest Intel 100 series boards, specifically those …more


NVIDIA GeForce 353.12 Hotfix Drivers Released

NVIDIA has released GeForce 353.12 Hotfix drivers that address the G-Sync Windowed mode issue that some users were experiencing. NVIDIA release just 64-bit drivers with the fix and you can find them here. No other changes are in the driver, so most people won’t be needing to update to this release unless they are experiencing this …more

Thermaltake Logo

Thermaltake Accused Of Stealing – New Computex Products Went Too Far

Thermaltake recently came out with a new case called the Suppressor F51 that featured noise-reduction features and a look that was very similar to the Define R5 that was was introduced by Fractal Design in December 2014. Many noticed that the case was damn near identical on the outside with some people saying that Thermaltake …more

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Official Trailer Released

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Official Trailer Released

Bethesda has just released the new trailer of their upcoming release of Fallout 4. The world premiere of the game and worldwide release of Fallout 4 will happen during Bethesda’s E3 Showcase at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 14th.  Until then, the official trailer will have to make due for all of …more

OCZ Trion

OCZ Trion SSD Benchmarks and Pictures From Computex 2015

OCZ is showing off the brand new Trion 100 series of SSDs this week at Computex. The OCZ Trion 100 series feature Toshiba’s Alishan SSD controller and premium A19 Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND flash. This drive is now OCZ’s new value-oriented option and is meant to be the go-to drive for an affordable way for …more

Apple Beats-Pill-XL-Recall

Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Due to Fire Hazard

  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Apple and Beats Electronics will be recalling about 222,000 Beats Pill XL speakers systems due to a fire hazard possibility.  According to the report, the Beats Pill XL battery is prone to overheat to the point that an incident of fire could happen.  In fact, there …more

Valve Logo

Valve to Offer Refunds for All Steam Games

Valve has announced that it will now offer refunds for any Steam purchase for nearly all every purchase for any reason. First leaked on the internet and then officially announced in a Steam announcement, officials have detailed the new Refund policy that is essentially a “Limited” money-back guarantee. Previously, Steam purchases could not be returned …more

New Corsair Logo

Corsair Updates Sails Logo – Goodbye Tramp Stamp

Corsair has a new logo! Elegant and clean right? So far the gaming community and loyal supports of Corsair appear to be happy with the new logo and brand refresh. Many might remember that just last year Corsair rolled out the new Corsair Gaming logo and it didn’t go over too well. A good number …more

Broadwell CPU Die Shot

Intel Launches 10 Broadwell CPUs – Two Socketed for Desktop

Intel has finally launched their 5th Generation Core ‘Broadwell’ processors that for socketed desktop and laptop platforms! Intel already has Core M and Broadwell-U processors on the market built using basically the same 14nm manufacturing process and architecture, but they had to stagger the complete processor release due to rumored yield issues that caused production …more

ASUS ROG 34-inch curved gaming monitor

ASUS ROG 34-inch Curved G-SYNC Monitor Seen At Computex

We have seen curved displays for many years, but it looks like they are actually going to be coming to market here in 2015! Way back in 2008 we showed you an Alienware 43-inch curved seamless display (made by Ostendo) that boasted a massive screen resolution of 2880 x 900 with an aspect ratio of …more