League of Legends: A New Dawn

New League of Legends Cinematic ‘A New Dawn’ Unveiled

Riot Games has released a League of Legends cinematic titled A New Dawn which is already receiving a great reaction by fans. While the imagining of the teamfight is as creative as the past cinematics, the depicted combat is uncharacteristically brutal. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle area type game from Riot Games, …more


be quiet! Releases Images For The Silent Base 800 PC Case Ahead of Launch

It looks like be quiet! is entering the crowded case market. be quiet! just sent over some images of their first mid-size ATX tower PC chassis, which is called the Silent Base 800. The be quiet! Silent Base 800 PC case that will be available in October for around $129.99 USD. be quiet first showed …more

NVIDIA Ultimate Countdown Timer

NVIDIA Ultimate Countdown Timer – What Is It?

One of our readers just tipped us off that NVIDIA has a landing page up for what appears to be a new product. The landing page is located on NVIDIA.EU and says nothing more than “The Ultimate Is Coming” along with a countdown timer, which is set to end on July 22 at 6am PDT. …more


Microsoft To Cut 18,000 Jobs Over Next 12 Months

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that bold changes were to be made and it appears that he wasn’t kidding around. Microsoft today announced that it would cut 18,000 jobs within the next 12 months, which means that about 14% of Microsoft’s 125,000 employees could be on the chopping block. Nadella said Microsoft was in need …more

Assassin's Creed UPack 62

New Assassin’s Creed Unity Revolution Gameplay Trailer

The folks over at Ubisoft have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity Revolution video game. Assassin’s Creed Unity will be released on October 28 for Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. This latest edition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise is set in a once-magnificent Paris, Assassin’s Creed Unity plunges …more

Brain Powered Google Glass

Mind-Controlled Google Glass

A British start-up has demonstrated a new Google Glass application that allows the user to control the device with their brain.  The app uses a combination of EEC (Electroencephalographic) headset and native Google Glass interface to allow the wearer to take a photo and post on social media sites using only their brainwaves. If controlling …more

AMD Ruby

AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC Video Drivers Released

AMD has released Catalyst 14.7 Release Candidate (RC) drivers! AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC drivers have all of the improvements that were in Catalyst 14.6 RC release, but with additional performance improvements and bug fixes. Starting with AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta, AMD will no longer support Windows 8.0 (and the WDDM 1.2 driver), so be sure …more

Top 20 Most Played Game Titles

Top 20 PC Games From June 2014 Announced By Raptr

Raptr has published a list of the 20 most-played PC games from June 2014 and it looks like there was several game titles that shot up the list. Wildstar, released on June 3rd, came in at a remarkable 6th on the list. Battlefield 3 shot up 30 places and came in 12th thanks to the …more

Thoreau Porn Finding Dog

Police Train Dog To Find Hard Drives, Thumb Drives and Other Tech Devices

Rhode Island has become the second state in the nation to have a police dog trained to sniff out hard drives, thumb drives and other technological gadgets. Why? Police are looking for storage devices that could contain child pornography. The dog, Thoreau, already appears to be up for the task as he assisted in his …more

Facebook Launches Graph Search Tool for Exploring Your Network

Facebook Manipulated 700k News Feeds in 2012 For Study

Did you know that in 2012 the folks over at Facebook did a study where they changed the mix of information in the News Feed of almost 690,000 users. Some Facebook subscribers were shown more positive posts, while others were shown more negative posts. The premise of the study was to look at the emotions …more


Newegg Jumps On The Bitcoin Bandwagon

Online tech retail giant, Newegg, now accepts Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin will now be an option in the regular list of payment methods. Newegg features an introductory page including a helpful video from weusecoins. Newegg’s not the first tech retailer to accept Bitcoin. TigerDirect got in on the game earlier this year and even went …more


DualShock4 Now Pair Wirelessly With PS3

Playstation 3 users rejoice! While the PS4 has been compatible with select PS3 games since the new console launch, it had required a USB cable connection. Now, Playstation has released a firmware update for last-gen that allows the DualShock 4 controller to pair wirelessly with the PS3. Sony hadn’t announced anything about the new provision prior …more

Neurobridge Smiling

Ohio State Neurobridge Restores Muscle Function To Paralyzed

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in conjunction with the Battelle Memorial Institute have created a neural bridge that allows brain function to bypass broken nerve connections and return movement to the paralyzed. The first patient to use the new tech, dubbed Neurobridge, is Ian Burkhart. Neurobridge is currently in clinical trials being conducted as a clinical trial …more

Android L Developer Preview

Google I/O 2014 – Android L

Google I/O 2014 showed off a whole lot of interesting new software; the headliner, though, would have to be the long anticipated L-release of Android. Yet to receive an official dessert-based codename, L will be either Android 4.5 or possibly the 5.0 release. The Developer Preview is currently available for download with images for the …more