Battlefield Hardline

NVIDIA GeForce 340.43 Beta Video Card Drivers For GRID: Autosport and Battlefield: Hardline Beta

NVIDIA has released GeForce 340.43 Beta video card drivers, which just happen to be the Game Ready Beta Driver for GRID: Autosport and the Battlefield: Hardline Beta. This will be the first installment by EA in the Battlefield franchise since Battlefield 4 was released in October 2013. BF4 users have faced some pretty significant technical …more

US Supreme Court

Supreme Court Facebook Ruling Weighs Threats Against First Amendment

Does free speech include the right to make seemingly criminal threats on the internet? The Supreme Court has elected to weigh in on the case of Anthony Elonis, a man who in 2010 made several posts indicating violent intent. Elonis made posts to Facebook which he claims were his artistic expression and a way to …more


Roccat Speaks on Sova @ E3 2014

  We had the chance to sit down with Roccat Senior PR Manager, Tim Krause who flew in from Germany to be at E3 last week. Tim and his team were very excited to have their newly-announced Roccat Sova – a modular, wireless keyboard and mousepad for gaming from the sofa available for us to …more


Plantronics Features New RIG Evolution Gaming Headsets @ E3 2014

We have been Plantronics fans for a long time and this year at E3 they had a very nice booth set up showing off one of their most anticipated gaming headsets: The Plantronics RIG Evolution with 7.1 Surround Sound. This headset is obviously a member of Plantronics’ mobile-connected RIG family that has been showing up …more


Nintendo Hypes Up Fan Favorite Exclusives at E3 2014

Nintendo came out with a bang on this year’s E3 show floor with playable demos of hard hitting titles including the hugely anticipated Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. The Wii U has been struggling since its release, selling well below competing consoles in part hampered by its small and unappealing pool of …more


SteelSeries Shares Familiar and Not-So-Familiar Upcoming Products During E3 2014

Moving away from the busy crowds and lines on the E3 2014 main floors, we met with SteelSeries behind closed doors to take a look at upcoming products and even an unannounced product, all of which we are sharing with our readers. SteelSeries has had an impressive year marked with many new products that have …more

Polk Logo

Polk Audio Brings Audiophile Quality to E3 2014 with Striker

Polk Audio is one of those companies who you do not initially associate with PC and console gaming.  They have more 40 years of experience in high-performance audio and sound engineering and design. Over the past couple of years, however, we have seen Polk Audio been an active participant on the floor of the foremost …more

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk Drops Tesla Patents To Help Electric Car Industry

For the good of the public, the benefit of the industry, and the health of the environment, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has opened the company’s patents to competitors. Despite being the most successful company in providing electric cars to consumers, Musk is still frustrated at the lack of market penetration. The CEO the following …more

Razer Kraken Pro Neon

Razer Shows Products With New Colors At E3 2014

Razer’s special E3 product reveal was the Neon Kraken headsets and we got to see the entire spectrum of new colors up close and personal on the E3 2014 floor. A number of visitors to the Razer booth expressed interest towards the new striking colors though the majority directed their attention to either the Razer …more

Kahlelah Goodine

Editorial: The Search for Booth Babes at E3 2014

This was E3?? E3 2014 has certainly been a unique experience.  Maybe it’s just age or cynicism, but there are many reporters walking around the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center saying the same thing: “E3 isn’t what it used to be…”  It could be that the E3 organizers changed the expo’s layout with …more



Sharing booth space with Monoprice, ORIGIN PC unpacked the brand new CHRONOS Micro-Tower for use at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.  Gamers not only saw one of the smallest Micro-Tower designs, but the folks at ORIGIN PC are now equipping the small PC with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z GPU. The highly anticipated CHRONOS …more

CoolIT Rack DCLC

Asetek Files For Patent Infringement Against CoolIT – Again

Earlier this week we told you that CoolIT filed for patent infringement against Asetek, claiming that Asetek was using the company’s patented Split Flow Heat Exchanger technology on some of their products. It appears that Asetek filed suit the very next day over a patent that they received on June 10th, 2014.  The patent that this …more


E3 2014: New Games, New Hardware, New Sony

From The Show Floor At the 2014 E3 Expo, Sony had  an impressive mixture of hardware and new games to exhibit on the floor. There was a good portion of the floor dedicated to allowing players to test out all of the new hardware Sony discussed during their press conference. Sony’s PlayStation T.V was set …more


Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Displayed at E3 2014

After taking in feedback from their beta testers, Astro has announced the completed model of their A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset. The folks from Astro were kind enough to show us these wireless headsets up close and personal during our trip to E3 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. The Astro Gaming Engineers and PR folks tell …more