Newegg Has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Cards For $499

NVIDIA announced significant price cuts on some of their cards this morning and it looks like online retailers have already dropped their prices. We took a look this afternoon and discovered that Newegg had already lowered prices on several cards!  Cards from EVGA and MSI are at the magical $499.99 price point, but neither have free shipping. Gigabyte has their GeForce GTX 780 WindForce 3 that is factory overclocked with a triple fan cooler for $509 shipped.  If a GeForce GTX 780 was on your radar and you were about to pull the trigger at $649, this should be great news!

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Price Cut

  • sdfgsgfsdf

    I don’t see where is the EVGA for $499??????, the cheapest I could find is $559.

  • David Calloway

    I’m not a fanboy of either Red or Green team. Just want people to take note; if nothing else can be said about AMD- at least their latest offering has forced Green team to become much more affordable. Of course, now they’re where they should have been at launch. : )

    • stefan buddle

      Nvidia realized they had conpetition at the high end and is trying to make up for it. These should have been launch prices indeed 500-550 and should become the standard price for high end single gpu prices, with multi gpu prices being around 800+