New 5-Year Limited Warranty on Intel SSD 320 Series

With many SSDs putting out similar performance, consumers are left with other features such as price, service and warranty to aid them in their buying decision. Intel has really turned the pressure up on its competitors with their increase in warranty to five years on their 320 Series SSDs. This is up from three years which is where most warranties reside for the vast majority of SSDs. More importantly, this applies to all 320 series drives, even if you have already purchased before this announcement.

Intel 320 Series

Confident in the enhanced reliability features of its recently introduced third-generation solid-state drive (SSD), Intel announced it has extended its limited warranty for the IntelĀ® SSD 320 Series from three years to five years. The extended warranty term will apply to all Intel SSD 320 Series drives, including those already purchased. Additional limitations apply to enterprise usage levels. See full warranty details.


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