New 3DMark Will Compare Windows, Android and iOS Devices

Have you wanted a benchmark that can compare Windows, Android and iOS devices on a fair and level playing field? We certainly have and it looks like next 3DMark will do exactly that. For the first time ever, 3DMark is going to enthusiasts measure the performance of Windows, Windows RT, Android and iOS devices with scores that can be directly compared across all four platforms. Not only will it be our first cross-platform 3DMark, but on Windows it will also help you test all hardware from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 with one application!

With three separate tests you will be able to use 3DMark with everything from smartphones and tablets, to notebooks and home PCs, to the latest high-end, multi-GPU gaming desktops. In our opinion it is best and most versatile benchmark we have ever created. 3DMark will be released before the end of 2012 (pending app store approvals)

This video shows the new Ice Storm test designed for mobile devices and entry level hardware. On Windows, 3DMark includes a further DirectX 10 test for notebooks and home PCs and a DirectX 11 test for high-performance gaming PCs, which showcases the latest advanced real-time rendering techniques and effects.


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